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    A combination of regularly changing the water filter and using antimicrobial protection on your ice machine can extend the life of your ice machine. There is no substitute for regular cleaning to keep your ice machine in optimal working condition for many years to come. 
    Your ice machine should be emptied and thoroughly sanitized every six months using a nickel-safe scale remover and an ice machine sanitizer.  
    Additionally, condenser fins or air filters should be cleaned or replaced every six months. If you fail to keep the condenser free from lint and grease build-up, the build-up will decrease the machine’s ability to breathe and operate at peak capacity and ice production will drop. 
Dante's Peak Heating & Cooling can help give you the full service necessary to clean and sanitize your ice maker(s).
    Dante's Peak Heating & Cooling offer all of these services  to customers across Chicago area. Call our professional service technicians to schedule service, evaluation or installation of a commercial ice maker at your facility or restaurant. 
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